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Entrées de la dernière veille

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publié le 20 août 2014 (modifié le 4 septembre 2018)

* Europe
Urban Sustainability through Public Architecture / Soomi Kim, Hyun-ah Kwon
Sustainability 2018, 10(4), 1249
"As the sustainability of contemporary cities has gained emphasis, interest in architecture has increased, due to its social and public responsibility. Since sustainability is linked to public values, research on sustainable public spaces is an important way to secure sustainability in cities. Based on this, we analyzed the sustainability of European cities by examining the design methods of public architecture according to the region. The aim of the study is to derive architectural methodology corresponding to local characteristics, and to suggest issues to consider in public architecture design to promote urban sustainability based on this." [site visité le 11/05/2018]

[Ouvrage] Urban Planet Knowledge towards Sustainable Cities / Thomas Elmqvist, Xuemei Bai, Niki Frantzeskaki (eds), et al.
Cambridge University Press, avril 2018, 482 p.
"Global urbanization promises better services, stronger economies, and more connections ; it also carries risks and unforeseeable consequences. To deepen our understanding of this complex process and its importance for global sustainability, we need to build interdisciplinary knowledge around a systems approach. Urban Planet takes an integrative look at our urban environment, bringing together scholars from a diverse range of disciplines : from sociology and political science to evolutionary biology, geography, economics and engineering. It includes the perspectives of often neglected voices : architects, journalists, artists and activists. The book provides a much needed cross-scale perspective, connecting challenges and solutions on a local scale with drivers and policy frameworks on a regional and global scale. The authors argue that to overcome the major challenges we are facing, we must embark on a large-scale reinvention of how we live together, grounded in inclusiveness and sustainability." [site visité le 18/05/2018]
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