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Amérique latine

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publié le 18 mai 2016
Sustainable cities in Latin America / Miguel Rodríguez Tejerina IDDRI, Working Papers n°16/2015, 28 p. "In the present day, Latin America is the most urbanised region - and also the most inequitable - on the planet, which means that its urban areas amass both huge wealth and huge poverty. Within this context, dealing with climate change is also a chance to increase citizens’ well-being. Better public transport and more efficient energy and waste management are, besides being effective measures to reduce emissions, ultimately actions with a strong social component and work towards improving transportation and public health care and generate savings for citizens. Equally, actions geared towards boosting urban resilience represent measures that go beyond adaptation responses to climate change and primarily benefit those that are most vulnerable in the population." [site visité le 18/05/2016] http://www.iddri.org/Publications/Les-villes-durables-en-Amerique-latine